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Continuity of Coverage

Many school plans start at the first bell and end with the last. With our Continuity of Care approach, we work with districts to ensure that plans and procedures cover student safety from the moment they leave home to the moment they return.

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A thorough assessment of the complex school environment helps to uncover a variety of risk factors, including natural, technological, security, and organizational hazards. The data gathered from the assessment can be used to develop and prioritize mitigation strategies.

Plan Development

We develop custom-tailored plans to address risks affecting the individual school or district. We ensure that plans developed harmonize with district plans, key stakeholder plans, local emergency response protocols, and any applicable legislation.


We develop and conduct custom exercises that test and evaluate school plans and emergency response capabilities. Exercises are a great way to train staff on plans, policies, and procedures, and identify any existing gaps in plan or response coverage.


We train school staff and administrators to respond to a variety of emergency situations. Our training offerings include CPR, First Aid, STOP THE BLEED, Active Threat Response, De-escalation Techniques, and more.


We can help schools engage with community members to build trust and strengthen partnerships. Hosting a safety and preparedness event can educate the public and promote the school's safety initiatives.

Response Kits

Whether it's responding to a medical emergency or sheltering-in-place for a weather event, we can supply a variety of products to assist. Our grant eligible public access bleeding control kits help respond to a traumatic event.

Did You know the following States have

Bleeding Control Legislation

Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas.

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