DisasterClass Season 1 Library – Instinct Ready Inc.

Season 1 Library

0. Welcome to DisasterClass!

Meet your hosts in this introductory episode, Jason Perez and Wesley Long. They are active EMTs with a passion for educating the public. Jason and Wesley discuss their journeys into the preparedness field, why they feel preparedness is important, and what you can expect to get out of DisasterClass. This podcast takes on a new approach to disaster planning and preparedness, using research, expert testimony, and science-based methods.

1. How to Understand Disaster Risk

Jason and Wesley dive into understanding disaster risk through the use of a risk assessment, a process for identifying hazards and understanding their impacts. They also talk with John Scardena, an experienced Emergency Manager to get his expert scoop on assessing risk.

2. What is Hazard Mitigation?

In this episode, Jason and Wesley pick up where they left off in Prep101. They discuss the concept of hazard mitigation, which can decrease your disaster risk and save you lots of money and headaches. 

Bonus: Survival Story

In this bonus episode, Wesley and Jason chat with Austin Grant. You may remember Austin from the Episode on hazard mitigation. In this episode, Austin speaks about a personal disaster experience he had while camping in the mountains of Wyoming. 

3. Don't Forget About The Kids

Don’t forget the kids! They can prepare too! Jason & Wesley talk with Heather Beal, a seasoned Navy Vet, Emergency Manager, and Author. Heather discusses the importance and value of educating the young ones, and what she is doing to help fill a critical need in childcare and education.

4. Talk About The Monster

Preparing for a disaster goes well beyond having food, water, and shelter. In this episode, Jason & Wesley talk with Mistofer Christopher, a children’s book author, about the importance of mental preparedness and overcoming fear and anxiety. Chris offers some valuable insight and perspective on human nature and how different people react during an emergency.

5. What Does FEMA Actually Do?

In this special episode, Jason and Wesley talk with former acting Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator, Pete Gaynor. Upon his appointment by the President of the United States, Mr. Gaynor oversaw some 300 disasters in his tenure as FEMA administrator, including one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons in history and the agency’s first ever pandemic response. 

6. When The Flood Waters Rise!

Flooding is one of the most commonly occurring natural hazards in the United States. Jason and Wesley talk with Robert Chaney and Jason Bourgeault from Rooftop Liferafts in this episode. They discuss some of their experiences, the importance of flood preparedness, and a unique and innovative product for flood safety.

7. Don't Go Thirsty!

Water is by far the most precious resource on earth! However, waterborne contaminants are a leading cause of illness around the world. During a disaster, water can become contaminated and lead to serious illness and death. In this epsisode of DisasterClass, Jason and Wesley talk with Travis Avery of Sawyer about an amazing little product that is provinging a big solution in the world of water purification. 

8. The Last House Standing

Every year millions of people suffer the wrath of Mother Nature, as infrastructure is demolished, houses are flooded and swept away, and lives are lost. Why do we continue to place cost over safety while the technology exists to build homes capable of withstanding hurricanes, fires, and tornadoes? In this episode, Jason and Wesley explore this question as they talk with George Siegal, the director, and producer of the award-winning documentary, “The Last House Standing.”