Elephant Wind | Tornado Safety
Elephant Wind | Tornado Safety
Elephant Wind | Tornado Safety Elephant Wind | Tornado Safety
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Elephant Wind | Tornado Safety

Hydro-PAK Pro includes: 1 Liter of Emergency Drinking Water, and a Sawyer Mini Hydration Filter

2 Liter In-line Hydration Bladder
3600 Calorie Food Ration x 2
Upgrades-Pak includes: Flexware Mess kit, Foldable Camp Stove with Fuel, and Cooking Pot
Dedicated packing cube for clothing
2 Person Dome Tent
Compact Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Pad
Emergency Blanket
First Aid Kit
Hygiene Kit
N95 Mask
Safety Goggles
Solar and Crank NOAA Weather Radio
Lensatic Compass
Ready72 Tactical Backpack
Foldable Hand Saw
Foldable Shovel
LED Flashlight
Waterproof Matches
Light Sticks


Elephant Wind 

Lily and Niko's childcare class responds to a tornado warning. They learn what a tornado looks like and where to go to be safe. When they find out a neighbor's house was damaged, they come together to help in their own charming way.


Viento Elefante (Spanish Edition)

La clase de cuidado de niños de Lily y Niko responde a un aviso de tornado. Aprenden donde deberían irse para quedarse seguros. Cuando descubren que el tornado dañó la casa de un vecino, se unen para ayudarlos de una manera encantadora.

  • Spacious Backpack
  • Food & Water
  • Complete Shelter Solution
  • Capable of storing additional items

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