Survival Surprise Mystery Box
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Survival Surprise Mystery Box



What will you get when you purchase a Survival Surprise?'s a surprise! We don't want to spoil it!

All we can say is this mystery box is filled with survival-themed goodies, or....maybe not. Will it be a cool multi-tool, a backpack, a first aid kit, a water filter, or all of that? Will you even get a full, complete go-bag? Or will it be a bunch of random stuff we've never sold before? Who knows? We don't. We just throw a bunch of stuff into a box and ship it.

However, what we can say is that the bigger the box, the better your chances of getting some cool, high-value stuff. So will you get the small box with a small surprise, the medium with a medium surprise, or will you get the big box with a big surprise?! The choice is yours!

Before you buy, you should know the rules.

The Rules

1. Don't have a tantrum with what's in the box. We don't know what you're getting, and neither do you.
2. You will get at least 3 random survival items, but you also may get more. If you do, wow, what a surprise!
3. The bigger the box, the higher the value of the items you will get.
4. When you get your box, leave a review, whether positive or negative. Tag @instinctready on social media and use the hashtag #survivalsurprise!
5. There are a very limited number of survival boxes. And when we say very limited, we mean VERY, VERY, VERY limited! So get one before they're gone!

Have any questions about this deal, then start back at rule number 1.

The golden ticket!

In one of the boxes, there will be a golden ticket (Willy Wonka reference). This golden ticket (Not actually gold, probably) will contain a special surprise for one lucky winner. What is the surprise? Come on! You know we're not going to tell you that! But when you get it, you will know!

Shipping: Shipping is only available for the United States.